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Extend your home Internet coverage area with our ConnecT outdoor WiFi extender. Get DISH satellite TV programming with the Winegard DISH Playmaker portable satellite TV antenna, and take it with you when you go tailgating, RVing, camping, and more! Watch local news, weather, live sports, and all of the top-rated shows in quality HD clarity for free with a Winegard digital HDTV antenna and declare your freedom!

To most, an access point and repeater/extender are the same, but they are not. More than an off-the-shelf access point, Winegard WiFi devices are more powerful, reliable, and portable. While access points simply connect you to a wireless signal, our WiFi devices not only connect to, but also expand existing signal coverage over a larger area.
DISH Playmaker satellite antennas are 100% automatic and are easy for anyone to set up in just a few minutes. These portable satellite TV antennas are perfect for vacation homes, backyard BBQs, tailgating, RVing, and more! Only DISH offers pay-as-you-go programming. DISH pay-as-you-go satellite TV may be turned on or off on a monthly basis as needed – pay only for the months you'd like service!
Free over-the-air programming has more options and more channels than ever before! Watch local news and weather, live sports, and all of the top-rated shows for free. Winegard's VHF/UHF antennas can receive signals from 30 to 70 miles away. Choose from a variety of digital HDTV antennas built specifically to maximize signal in your exact location. Use our signal finder app to find nearby antenna towers and the best position for your antenna for optimal signal strength and viewing.
Winegard still offers AM/FM radio antennas that are designed to receive signals from all directions. These antennas are designed with highly populated areas in mind to work through the “noise” for a stronger signal. Experience crystal-clear reception with no audio distortion. Digital radio enables more information, more music, and more of your favorites with no subscription cost, no annoying hiss, and no station drop-off.
Winegard provides high-end solutions to overcome signal loss, separate or join television signals, eliminate interference, and more. Choose from a variety of preamplifiers, distribution amplifiers, mounts, and more. If you’re not sure what you need, review the box contents online or in the manual for the antenna you own, or contact tech support for further assistance.